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Discover traditional dishes with a creative twist at ŒLGARTEN: from lard sandwiches to kimchi cheese sandwiches, Bavarian potato salad, homemade pickled olives and gherkins and a selection of sausage variations. Welcome to a unique culinary experience!

Schmalzstulle image


Homemade vegan Schmalz / crispy onions / parsley / pickeld cucumber (vegan)

Kimchi Cheese Sandwich image

Kimchi Cheese Sandwich

Sourdough bread / cheese / homemade kimchi

Kimchi Sandwich image

Kimchi Sandwich

Sourdough bread / homemade kimchi (vegan)

Bavarian potato salad image

Bavarian potato salad

Potatoes / vinegar & oil / chives / onions (vegan)

Pickled olives image

Pickled olives

Chili / garlic / rosemary / olive oil

French Fries 2.0 image

French Fries 2.0

Fries / salt | spice mix | Ketchup x mayonnaise or kimchi mayo

Pickled Cucumber image

Pickled Cucumber

Spreewald cucumber / homemade chili garlic marinade

Sausage on Sourdough Bread image

Sausage on Sourdough Bread

organic Bratwürste / Spreewald pickled cucumber / homemade sauerkraut / tangy mustard sauce

Laugenbrezel image



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